Werewolf running from smoke

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Other names Dog Soldiers
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Portrayed by Bryn Walters
Ben Wright
Brian Claxton Payne
Mikey Bland
Tyler Meenen
All appearances Dog Soldiers
Dog Soldiers 2: Fresh Meat
Dog Soldiers: Legacy
Dog Soldiers: Red
You mean like the full moon, silver bullets, eyebrows that join in the middle?

Joe Kirkley sums up classical Werewolf folklore.

Werewolves, also called Dog Soldiers, are humans who transform into humanoid wolves in the full moon.

Each month, when the full moon rises, a werewolf will transform into a large, wolf-like humanoid. The transformation is signalled by intense pain.

Behaviour and biology

Upon transforming, the werewolf will apparently lose their humanity, but do retain some of their intelligence. Some werewolves can suppress the transformation for a matter of hours before giving in, though it is unknown how. The werewolf will revert to human form when the sun rises at dawn.

It is also shown that if a person is bitten or scratched by a werewolf, they too will become one. After being wounded by the werewolf, the victim soon recovers both physically and psychologically.

After a varied amount of time, the longest known being roughly 24 hours, the victim will uncontrollably transform into wolf form.


While werewolves lose most of their humanity in wolf form, they do retain some of their higher levels of intelligence; enough to work in packs, develop complex tactics and even have a basic ability to wield weapons or tools.

Werewolves are almost impossible to kill. They have incredible healing abilities and can heal even the most grisly of wounds in a matter of hours. They are also gifted with increased senses, strength and speed allowing them to see in the dark, chase down a man with ease and leap to the second story of a house.

Werewolves in wolf form are vulnerable only to dismemberment, incineration and more easily to silver. Anything made of silver seems to have a strong effect on werewolves; crippling them somehow and allowing them to be killed by regular means that would normally only slow them down. They seem only able to be killed by normal means, without silver, while in human-form.

Known werewolves