Aberline in hallucination

Inspector Francis Aberline
Biographical information
Died Unknown; Presumably 1891
Occupation Scotland Yard Inspector
Other names Inspector
Status Alive
Appearance information
Portrayed by Hugo Weaving
All appearances The Wolfman

Francis Aberline was a Scotland Yard inspector who, after failing to catch Jack the Ripper, was assigned to solve a gruesome series of murders in Blackmoor.

After Lawrence Talbot transforms into a Werewolf, Aberline has him arrested and sent to an asylum in London. Lawrence transforms again, and escapes into the streets of London, pursued by Aberline.

By the next full moon, both he and Lawe



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The WolfmanEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

Aberline is based on real life Scotland Yard investigator Frederick Abberline, who was indeed assigned to the Ripper case. The

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Notes and referencesEdit

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